isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“To accuse Buddhistical philosophy of rejecting a Supreme Being – God, and the soul’s immortality, of atheism, in short, on the ground that according to their doctrines, Nirvana means annihilation, and Svabhavat is NOT a person, but nothing, is simply absurd.

The En (or Ayin) of the Jewish En-Soph, also means nihil or nothing, that which is not (quo ad nos); but no one has ever ventured to twit the Jews with atheism.

In both cases the real meaning of the term ‘nothing’, carries with it the idea that God is not a thing, not a concrete or visible Being to which a name expressive of any object known to us on earth may be applied with propriety.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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