understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, I have found in America a great number of people who want the Constructive Way of Life, who want the Freedom of Life, and who are willing to give obedience to Life.

That brings me to the point of a vitally important thing. You are serving the Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”. There must be an integrity, a sense of honor, and a moral attitude that is irreproachable by any person in the World.

When you cannot be touched by any other means in the World, the destructive forces will try to reach you through your moral standards. They try to arouse abnormal sex activity to make you waste your energy, for then you have not the strength and power to hold to the “Presence of Life”, or call It into action to give you the Assistance you require.

Gentlemen, I know mankind from A to Z. Once I lived in physical bodies like yours. I know the contact of every human being. I know what is within the human desire of human beings that they do not even dream is there. Therefore I am in a position to give Assistance, to help.

I have no criticism for any human being on the face of this Earth. All mankind have made plenty of mistakes, but that is not important. To correct them is the thing that is important.

Therefore today in your world of industry, if you do not sustain strength and power in your physical body, in your feeling world and mental world, Gentlemen, you are lost.

That is where the “I AM” Students today could become an invincible power on the face of this Earth, and there would be nothing in the World that would stand before them as a body of men.

You have styled yourselves the Minute Men of Myself, the Minute Men of Saint Germain. Do you know what that means? It means the most powerful Honor that mankind can give to Life.

Therefore, I prompt you on your moral standards, Gentlemen, because throughout America, I have seen blessed, blessed gentlemen fall under the control of that sex desire when their Hearts were so good.

Because the sinister force seized upon them, and increased the desire and fired it into such action that the individuals felt unable to control it, they succumbed to it. I prompt you, do not give way to those things!

Call your “Presence” to take out of you that desire and hold Its Invincible Protection about you.

It is the only way you will ever win this Victory for the Freedom of America.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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