understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The communists who gained such headway among your universities and schools, and among your industries, with a cunning incredible, sending their spies and agitators among your people, causing these strikes and conditions – there is not one thing today that they have given that has one-tenth supplied the loss that came to those people. Those agitators feathered their nests while the people who were on strike were in hunger. Never is anything accomplished by such activity.

You have seen it throughout the ages in embodiments besides these, and it never won any victory yet in this World; nor did any war ever win any victory, except people become exhausted and quit for the time being. But when they get the strength, they go at it again.

Europe has fought at intervals throughout the centuries, and it is no wonder they are in the condition they are today. I pleaded with every government in Europe for more than forty years.

I went to the heads of the governments in My Tangible Body, even before My Ascension, and pleaded with the people concerning the Law of Life, and how, if their obedience was given, they would transcend anything they had known before.

But they were too arrogant and would not listen.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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