isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“The spirits of creatures, the Pythagoreans hold, who are emanations of the most sublimated portions of ether, emanations, BREATHS, but not forms. Ether is incorruptible, all philosophers agree in that; and what is incorruptible is so far from being annihilated when it gets rid of the form, that it lays a good claim to IMMORTALITY.

“But what is that which has no body, no form; which is imponderable, invisible and indivisible; that which exists and yet is not?”, ask the Buddhists. “It is Nirvana”, is the answer. It is NOTHING, not a region, but rather a state.

When once Nirvana is reached, man is exempt from the effects of the “four truths”; for an effect can only be produced through a certain cause, and every cause is annihilated in this state.

These “four truths” are the foundation of the whole Buddhist doctrine of Nirvana. They are, says the book of Pradjna Paramita, 1. The existence of pain. 2. The production of pain. 3. The annihilation of pain. 4. The way to the annihilation of pain.

What is the source of pain? – Existence. Birth existing, decrepitude and death ensue; for wherever there is a form, there is a cause for pain and suffering.

Spirit alone has no form, and therefore cannot be said to exist. Whenever man (the ethereal, inner man) reaches that point when he becomes utterly spiritual, hence,formless, he has reached a state of perfect bliss.

MAN as an objective being becomes annihilated, but the spiritual entity with its subjective life, will live forever, for spirit is incorruptible and immortal.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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