isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“It is upon this Buddhist doctrine that the Pythagoreans grounded the principle tenets of their philosophy. “Can that spirit, which gives life and motion, and partakes of the nature of light, be reduced to non-entity?”, they ask. “Can that sensitive spirit in brutes which exercises memory, one of the rational faculties, die, and become nothing?”

And Whitelock Bulstrode, in his able defense of Pythagoras, expounds this doctrine by adding:

“If you say, they (the brutes) breathe their spirits into the air, and there vanish, that is all I contend for. The air, indeed, is the proper place to receive them, being, according to Laertius, full of souls; and according to Epicurus, full of atoms, the principles of all things; for even this place wherein we walk and birds fly has so much of a spiritual nature, that it is invisible, and, therefore, may well be the receiver of forms, since the forms of all bodies are so; we can only see and hear its effects; the air itself is too fine, and above the capacity of the age. What then is the ether in the region above, and what are the influences or forms that descend from thence?””

H. P. Blavatsky

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