understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You might say to Me, “Did you not know all that would be accomplished in the city of Washington since the Messengers’ arrival here?”

As I have said many times, Gentlemen, could I depend upon the feeling of all the Students to be held in a certain degree of harmony, I could tell you exactly what We could do; but you cannot do it – you cannot depend upon the human qualities and sustain an action, a sustained feeling.

Could I do that, I could tell you exactly what would take place every week from now on to the end of the year, as definitely as mathematics; but since We cannot always depend upon the feeling of mankind, We must make allowances for certain things.

We have been able to accomplish for the city of Washington more than I had expected by far, because I have been here in person in My Tangible Body several times in the past weeks in your city; and where I go in the Tangible Body, I release certain Powers into the human octave that make it possible for Accomplishment, otherwise impossible.

Therefore, as you are coming to feel more and more My Reality, it gives Me greater and greater Power and Authority to act for you and for your government.

My Activity throughout more than four hundred years has been to try to bring Divine Order and adjustment in the governmental activities of the World. In Europe, I failed utterly because I could not find sufficient response from mankind.

Therefore, Gentlemen, in the response that is given today, I do appreciate very greatly the formation of the Minute Men of America; for you as masculine individuals represent under the Cosmic Law a certain positive force.

While there are many in the feminine form that represent quite as strong a positive force, yet the Law is , just a little while yet, accepting the masculine power as a positive force – which under the Great Law is soon coming to a conclusion.

Therefore I am sure many of you feel that, in the power of the Decrees issued by the Minute Men. You are releasing a certain positive force that is tremendously powerful in all that is to be done.

Therefore, remember that in your Minute Men Meetings; and I am sure before six months are past you will have great Groups of Minute Men rendering this Service, aside from what is done otherwise.

Remember your Privilege in Service in this capacity, to put forth these Mighty Decrees.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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