understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In no place on the face of the Earth is there within the feeling of mankind what is in America today. It always has been so, for that matter. When something threatens our Country, even people who have disagreed and almost hated each other will rise as one in defense of our America; and you can depend on it.

The Decrees that the “I AM” Student are sending forth are the mightiest Service that mankind has ever rendered, because they are acting directly upon the feeling world of mankind.

When a group of people are sending out these Decrees, you do not see the ultimate action of it – but We do. We know exactly where that energy goes out and what it produces in the feeling world of mankind.

Therefore, there is no power today in the present outer activity that is as powerful as sending forth these Decrees by the great body of Students. Six hundred thousand are now doing it in America to hold the balance until enough momentum can be gained.

The Light will control even discordant individuals through those Decrees, so it will cause them to do the honorable, just, and right thing.

This Power needs to be directed into your government today to give protection to the people. There is such treachery going on through spies and intrigue that mankind must arise, and by these Decrees call forth the Inner Power of Protection, because the Power of the Cosmic Light and the Power of the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Beings must be released.

If you do not quite understand this, please remember that They are Real and They are the only Assistance to mankind today.

Mankind is not strong enough, even with that Assistance has been gained, to yet hold the balance for the Protection of America.

The Ascended Masters must have a certain amount of energy released from the human octave in order to allow Us to give the Protection and the Assistance that is necessary.

We must have some of your energy, and that is what is done in putting forth of these Mighty Decrees: You are releasing the energy by which it gives Us the Authority and Power to render this Service to you, the Earth, and to America. That is why!

If I had not brought This forth, it would have been impossible to give this Protection to America; and I am more and more convinced that We are going to succeed in the completeness of it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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