understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am practical. You never saw an individual in your Life more practical than I am, for I know the fullness of Life, of all in the Universe and what it is manifesting.

Therefore, I want you to understand that there is nothing fantastic about this. There is nothing psychic nor spiritualistic. There is nothing but the pure action of Life; and if understood, everything dissolves before it.

That is why, Gentlemen, I offer you today this opportunity and My Hand in Assistance in your business, in anything to which you direct your attention that is constructive.

We have many times in the past two years helped various gentlemen who were going to abject failure in their business, by telling them and showing them how the thing that was destroying them was the inharmony that had crept into their midst; and when they understood and set about to reverse it and pour out love and blessings upon their employees, they came back into a greater success than ever.

That is what everyone can do.

Therefore Divine Order, Gentlemen, is coming into America. If you will join the great body of Students of the “Mighty I AM”, stand by It, and issue these Mighty Decrees, you will find everything dissolving and disappearing – all discord in your America.

Now We are speaking about individuals: Individuals comprise your Nation; and if the majority of individuals come to understand this “Presence of Life” and how to call Its Mighty Light Rays into action, do you not see how you will govern everything concerning your America, Its Protection, Its Divine Order and Justice to mankind – the only means on Earth of making it permanent!

You can go into war and destroy millions of people, and your position stands there just the same as before. People have gone to war and become exhausted, and have for the time being manifested a certain sense of peace;

but good heavens, if you saw what was going on in the feeling world – the hatred released by that activity – you would know it is only a short time until it will repeat itself again. That is what has occurred in all wars on the Earth from the beginning.

War is never the solution of anything; neither is quarreling between individuals any solution of anything that exists.

When mankind put their human pride in their pocket, or better still, in the Violet Consuming Flame, they will know that their problems have ceased. (Applause)

Because some individual says some nasty, vicious thing to you, is it any reason why you should allow yourself to get all out of harmony – just because they have been foolish?

Gentlemen, you see, any expression of that kind shows how foolish the other individual is.

Therefore, you should be strong enough and say, “That is your opinion; you cannot disturb me”, and see how magnificent your power would be.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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