understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I have the wealth of the World at My Command, but do you think that amounts to anything? What amounts to the greatest thing in My Life is My Ability to control My Feeling World and hold it harmonized, which gives it a mighty, real activity for Life to flow through in Its Perfection.

Do you understand that this Stream of Life, before It touches the top of the head of the individual, is wholly Pure, Perfect, and All-powerful, and would produce your perfect, beautiful, handsome body, filled with health if left alone and not charged with the discord in your feeling?

That is why, Gentlemen, at last the Understanding of Life has come forth!

We do not try to compel anybody; We just wait, and all who are really willing to accept Our Assistance, Our Wisdom which has come forth in the Saint Germain Series of Books and the Mighty Instruction which these Beloved Messengers give – It is there for you if you care to accept It.

We welcome you with all Our Hearts. If you don’t, We bless you just the same. But mankind, every one of them – mark what I tell you and watch it – in the next few years, mankind, if they are going to succeed, if they are going to have health, if they are going to have happiness, they are going to have to understand this “Presence of Life”.

The reason for that is this: It is the culmination of the ages, Gentlemen, and there are two tremendous powers acting – the powers of darkness and the Power of Light.

If you join the powers of darkness, you will soon cease to be; if you join the Powers of Light, you have the Infinite Power of the Universe at your Command.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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