understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Gentlemen, let Me advise you of one thing. I think that there are but few in America who have not felt and held a certain respect for the Statue of Liberty in your harbor in new York. (Applause)  I mean by that, the involuntary feeling within individuals. There has been a reason for that.

That represents One of the Greatest Cosmic Beings, the Goddess of Liberty, Whom I know personally and Who has been the greatest Assistance to America of any Being in existence. But for Her, I would never have been able to accomplish what has been done thus far. (Applause)

The Goddess of Liberty is a Real and Mighty, Cosmic Being, and is the One Who gave to Washington that magnificent Vision, the third episode of which you are facing today.

Therefore, Gentlemen, She, having seen that more than two hundred years ago, also saw a hope for the possibility of preventing that last episode which is rapidly on its way today.

That is what mankind should understand, and on bended knee, give praise and thanks to Life and to that Great Cosmic Presence for having stood the Protecting Angel over America. (Applause)

When I sought for greater Authority, greater Power to give this Assistance to mankind today, Authority to annihilate the destructive forces, then She went to that Mighty Central of Light and Power to this System of Planets and, by Her Intercession, called forth at regular intervals these Mighty, Cosmic Impulses. On Wednesday before the opening of the Class here, the greatest of all was released to the Earth.

Therefore, Gentlemen, you do not realize it even though you believe My Words. Still you cannot comprehend fully all that means, because it is an Invincible Activity.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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