isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“”Magic is based on the existence of a mixed world placed without, not within us; and which we can enter in communication by the use of certain arts and practices….An element existing in nature, unknown to most men, gets hold of a person and withers and breaks him down, as the fearful hurricane does a bulrush; it scatters men far away, it strikes them in a thousand places at the same time, without their perceiving the invisible foe, or being able to protect themselves…all this is demonstrated;

but that this element could choose friends and select favorites, obey their thoughts, answer to the human voice, and understand the meaning of traced signs, that is what people cannot realize, and what their reason rejects, and that is what I saw; and I say it here most emphatically, that for me it is a fact and a truth demonstrated for ever.”

“If I entered into greater details, one could readily understand that there do exist around us, as in ourselves, mysterious beings who have power and shape, who enter and go out at will, notwithstanding the well-closed doors.”

Further, the great mesmerizer teaches us that the faculty of directing this fluid is a “physical property, resulting from our organization…it passes through all bodies…everything can be used as a conductor for magical operations, and it will retain the power of producing effects in its turn.”

This is the theory common to all hermetic philosophers. Such is the power of the fluid, “that no chemical or physical forces are able to destroy it….There is very little analogy between the imponderable fluids known to physicists and this animal magnetic fluid.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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