understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You don’t realize, Gentlemen, that you are a mental and feeling being. You think sometimes that all you are is in the outer manifestation in your physical form, but don’t you see – I ask you to observe just a moment while We digress and show you why this is so.

When a so-called dead body lies before you, having been fully and all-powerfully active a few moments before, then something withdrew from that physical structure, did it not?

That which was animating that physical body and giving it strength, intelligence, and power to act, came through that Stream of Life. It was Life acting within the physical form. Then Life withdrew and the body was perfectly helpless.

There isn’t a human being on the face of this Earth who can deny that.

Then, if the Power of Life was animating and acting within that human form, then you are Life in action. You are a mental and feeling being.

Instead of your previous understanding which thought that your mental capacity was all there was, that your thoughts were the thing to be controlled and governed if you wished to be harmonious and successful, you found that idea was a mistake also – because your feeling world is your powerhouse!

Until your feeling is governed, all the thought and correction in the World will not help you.

When you have changed your feeling, you have changed the whole structure of your body and your world of activity. When you understand the necessity of holding your feeling world harmonious, then the full power of Life will naturally flood forth in a greater volume of action; and you will find your world harmonious, and success is yours.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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