understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Gentlemen, if you wish to be successful, go into your office – if you have a staff of boys under you, you don’t wish to do it before them – and pour out your love and blessings of Life upon your employees. And you will find them pouring back their love and blessings to you and your business. (Applause)

I say to the employees, the money you are accepting for your service, that is only a fragmentary part of it. You are giving your Life to that service; and since it is the source of your opportunity of service, you should bless your employer with all the Power of Divine Love and Blessing you can all forth from your “Presence of Life”. (Applause) That will stand forever in its ever-expanding activity.

Then Divine Order and Divine Justice will reign in your midst.

But I tell you, Gentlemen, as long as you allow these agitators to come into your midst and stir up your employees, you will never know peace and neither will they. (Applause)

We honor Henry Ford more than We can ever tell you. (Applause) He has had the backbone and stamina to stand up and defy those agitators. His Divine Order and Justice, in spite of all the stories that are started to the contrary, have made him a power of Light.

I tell you, Gentlemen, everyone who will come to know and understand the Power that beats his Heart – that It is Infinite, that It can spread Its Mighty Radiance into his office and out into his business activity and make it a glorious success of Divine Order and Justice to all concerned – will have entered into the real business of Life. And not until then!

All outside of that is a temporary thing – mankind fluctuating one way and then another, the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other.

But when you stand in the fulcrum of the Glory of that Mighty Balance of Life, then you will feel the full Power of this Mighty Power and Activity rush forward into your Life Stream of activity, hold Its Dominion, and produce Its Perfection there.

This is the requirement of the day.

Gentlemen, there cannot longer be going on in your Beloved America these destructive qualities. I could tell you some things today that would almost make your hair stand up and, on the other hand, things that would rejoice you beyond words to express, because I am in a position to know the intent of every human being.

Therefore I say to you, join Me, if you will, in issuing these Mighty Decrees!

I know, Gentlemen, when you come for the first time into some of these Classes and you hear these Mighty Decrees issued, it sounds silly and foolish to you at first. It is not! Let Me tell you, it is the mightiest thing on the face of this Earth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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