understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Gentlemen, I have seen it, for My experience has been very great. Remember, I have been a businessman in the world for four hundred years, never losing outer consciousness for a second. Even before My Ascension, I was able to retain My Body in Health, Strength, and Perfection for hundreds of years. Therefore, I know what is in mankind. I know all the intrigue of the nations of the Earth, for I have been in all of them.

In Europe in centuries past, because I was able to do these things, I was accused of everything on the face of the Earth but the Truth; but that, Gentlemen, is not My part of the Work. Those who accuse Me, and did, will one day meet that accusation.

That is what I want you to understand today, that every condition that goes out from your feeling world is compelled to return to you because you are its creator!

If you want success in your business, if you want success in your home, love, happiness, and perfection, then you must pour out love and kindness.

It does not make any difference what somebody else does. It is a matter of keeping your own feeling world harmonious enough until the Power of Light can flow through in greater intensification.

Keep yourself harmonious so the Wisdom of Life can act and inspire and impel you not to follow the mistakes mankind has been subject to in the past.

That is how mankind, in the Application of the Law of Life  Saint Germain God Presence Chart– take this Great Chart before you, and understand what It means: It shows you what these Great Truths are and how you can apply Them in your business.

I have seen the great majority of mankind in the business world; and in more recent years – perhaps the last thirty years – as the greater intensity of discord increased, mankind was ashamed to outwardly acknowledge God in their business.

My Dear Friends, without God you would not be here! Without your Source of Life, the “Mighty I AM” as indicated there on that Chart, you would not be here. You could not lift your hand; you could not think a thought. That Source of Life is all you are.

If you have made mistakes in wrongly qualifying or clothing Life by that feeling of discord, then you are responsible; you are to blame – but not Life.

Don’t ever blame Life for anything! Life is Perfection! Life is Wisdom! Life is Power!

If allowed to flow forth through your mind and body by harmonized action in your feelings, It will produce Perfection for you; and nothing in the World can prevent it!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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