understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, you who might have been in some of your capitals know the subtlety, the treachery that is used to inveigle mankind into a condition where they are unable to govern themselves – there are thousands of conditions today. I sound this warning to you, for many of you have experienced it.

People pretend friendship, and you know the prevailing idea that mankind must drink intoxicating things to be sociable – a subtle scheme to get your own will off guard so that you subject yourself to their will.

You will notice, Gentlemen, that wherever that has been, those who insist upon your taking intoxicating liquors will seldom take but a touch themselves. That is why so much destruction has gone into the World. Gentlemen, be strong enough to resist that treacherous thing that unfits you to cope with the conditions about you.

Another condition that exists in the World and is so subtle and so cunning, is the activity of dope throughout America and the World which is used in forms you would not imagine – dozens of which have not yet been discovered, but I assure you they will be before another year is over your head.

Then, Gentlemen, if you cannot be reached in any other way, they will bring to you a beautiful woman to try to get you under their clutches.
In Washington, in all the capitals of the World, that vile thing is done constantly; and unsuspecting young men and older men succumb to it because of that pretense of friendship.

These are the things that mankind are bound to awaken to and be free from.

That is why I say, Gentlemen, just the same as exists today in the 100% Groups all over America, spies of vicious individuals have been sent into those Groups pretending to be 100% Students, when they care nothing about anything but whispering destructive, vicious gossip among the Students to try to get them to pit themselves against each other; but this is fast being revealed and understood, and mankind will no longer subject themselves to these conditions.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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