understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How My Heart has gone out to those blessed men because they believed in those individuals who so cunningly put before them possibility, only to drag them into greater limitations and privation.

Look today at the communistic activities – those individuals have steadily and steadily drawn the money supply and have put it away for that day when the people would no longer accept them; then they would disappear and live in luxury the rest of their lives.

That is what the agitators have done to the blessed people of America. They had but one desire in the beginning, and that was to suck the money out of the people. What do they care whether your families eat or not!

Blessed mankind, feeling and seeing the need of a remedy, for the time being was drawn into this unfortunate thing that today is fast fading from the face of the Earth. (Applause)

Now, Gentlemen, whether you see an outer need for it or not, keep up your mighty, dynamic Decrees to silence forever all strikes and to remove from America forever all agitators; then you will gain the Momentum and Power to go forth to prevent these things in your midst.

To think that a human being can become so depraved as to seek only the destruction of his fellowman!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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