understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to tell you, magnificent as all the other Work is, there is something released from the feeling world of the individuals in the Minute Men and the Daughters of Light that is not released ordinarily. Just now I do not care to try to explain that to you, but it absolutely exists.

Therefore, Gentlemen, go on and on and on with greater determination and the full understanding that in your Decrees and by them, you can remedy every condition that exists in America, in the world of industry, in your transportation.

Keep up your Mighty Decrees for the annihilation of all agitation and strikes. That is the whole thing that has put your America into the conditions it is in today. These agitators, Gentlemen, have no care or thought for anything but destruction.

When you see today the wholesale slaughter in Europe in places where there is no cause in the world – they fly over, and thousands of people, women and children destroyed – because they have gone beyond war. They have gone into wholesale murder and slaughter. That is the condition that exists today.

There is no longer any consideration of Justice – just a released power of that whole destructive thing that has even forgotten the last vestige of war.

The same condition would be in action in your America today if I had not brought this Knowledge forth at the time I did. If I had not found two strong enough to carry It forth, that condition would be right with you today.

Don’t make any mistake about it, Gentlemen; I know what I am talking about! You today, look how your Mighty Decrees have silenced all these strikes everywhere over America, and those that have recently been threatened, faded away.

Gentlemen, these agitators no longer are able to influence those people; for the people that once were influenced are awakening by your Mighty Decrees sent forth in the mental and feeling world, and they see the treachery and no longer yield to it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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