understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Gentlemen, I know these Laws. I have applied them to My Freedom, and I am in a position to prompt you and tell you how and why you can have certain results. Could you blame the Law, could you blame your Application if you quit?

If you started a business and after a few months you turned your back on the business and walked out, do you suppose it would succeed? It would stop right then and there.

Now, when you have applied the Law and then there rushes in upon you a feeling of, “Well, I have not had results yet”, that moment you just have turned your back upon the “Great Presence of Life.” And unless the momentum has been gained enough to force itself through, the probability is that you will have to start all over in your Application.

I am prompting you! Don’t yield one single instant that your Application could fail or has failed in any way because, as We have said repeatedly and Others of the Great Ones have said to you, We have observed among the Students innumerable times where they were right up to the full release of he momentum that would bring the results, when they said, “Oh, I guess it is no use; my Application has not worked.” They annulled everything that had been gained up to that point, which was ready to press forth into use in their outer world.

That is why I say, Gentlemen, do not yield to such a thing as failure in your Application. It never would fail!

Think of it! Do you think when once your attention has been called to the “Presence of all Life”, that Life would ever fail you?

Don’t you see that everything of limitation or so-called failure that enters into your Life, is your own doing?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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