understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Gentlemen, Will you try to understand that one point? Do you realize when you utter those words to any limiting appearance of any kind, “You have no power”, you are speaking the Currents of Light and Energy directly into that thing – I mean the cause of it that is holding you within your financial limitations. Don’t you see that?

It is not just so many words said; but that is the Current of Energy going into the cause of that thing, whether it be in your feeling world or some condition that has accumulated outside. It does not make any difference which it is; that goes forth to dissolve, and does dissolve it then and there if you don’t let that feeling revolve again. Then you are Free.

I want you to see how real and simple it is; but Gentlemen, when you have made your Application, don’t let your intellect all of sudden in some surprising moment say, “My Application has not yet produced results.” Suppose it has not in the appearance. How shall you say what it is doing in the invisible?

Oh, don’t you see, Gentlemen, that everything, every particle of your Application begins to act in the invisible, in your feeling world first; and if it has found conditions there that have to be cleared out, remedied, before it comes into expression in your physical use, well, is there anything to be discouraged about?

Now look, Dear Ones, the Messengers in the beginning had to make days and weeks and sometimes months of Application before the thing yielded to Them, but did They ever accept for one moment that Their Application was not producing results? Not even once.

That is where the Victory lies. That is what I want you to feel – the Victory today. Your Application cannot fail, never did, and never will.

If you quit, the fault is your, isn’t it?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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