understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Friends of America, if Life did not give you more than one opportunity to adjust yourself, your conditions, and remedy the mistakes that you have made, one Life would be a travesty upon the face of the Earth. Those who deny re-embodiment are foolish in the extreme. When We know it is a reality from actual experience, then We are in a position to know the Truth about it.

Those who are understanding that today, see the reason why they are given opportunity after opportunity to correct the conditions of their mistakes; but one lifetime would not be sufficient to correct one-hundredth part of the mistakes that are made in one lifetime.

Today in entering into the great Freedom again, once and forever Beloved Friends of America, see, through the Great Light that is within your Heart, what this means to you.

We present this with all the Love of the Divine Power of the Universe. Therefore, We leave it to you to accept of reject. We never impose anything upon anyone. You are wholly free, and the Hearts of every one of you listening know that. Therefore, when in the future you come into the Classes of the Messengers, think of it.

Think, Beloved Ones, of those unfortunate human beings who said that the Messengers were run out of Chicago and dare not return! Well, They are having the most gigantic Class of Their experience in Chicago in October. Now then, Friends of America, behold who is telling the truth or not! All we need to do is be just a little patient, and the truth will always reveal itself and the falsehood be exposed. So I say to you, listen to both sides of a story before forming judgment.

Beloved Friends of America. Come and see the Messengers before you believe that They have grown horns. You will find when you see Them that that is not the case, and you never saw any human beings in the entire World pour forth so great a love and kindness and patience with humanity as They have proven to the World.

Therefore I say to you, Beloved Friends of America, when convenient, come to the Classes of the Messengers and see for yourselves; but don’t listen to false gossip and believe it without having seen for yourself.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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