understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved People of America! People of San Francisco – be careful in your harmony there. You are sitting on a volcano, and the danger threatens you every hour of your Life. I say to New York, call with all your Power to the “Mighty Presence of Life” to hold Its Invincible Protection about you. The Mighty Call of the Students everywhere is holding this Mighty, Invincible Protection for the people of America.

You do not dream that underneath the Earth’s surface, waiting to surge forth, is the release of the energy within those gas belts that would wreck the Earth until you would not think there was a semblance of it left. This is no idle talk.

This is nothing to frighten humanity, but so that they may make the Call and give the assistance to that which has already been given, so that this condition may be controlled within the Earth’s surface and what must be released will be released where it will produce the least possible destruction.

Therefore today in your opportunity, Friends of America, won’t you join the great body of “I AM Students of more than five hundred thousand? I say to you for the rejoicing of the Minute Men, yesterday I checked Our records, which We keep of the number of Students, and more than six hundred thousand are now calling forth to the “Presence of Life”. (Applause)

Thank you, Beloved Ones. Please be seated.

I take this opportunity to thank every Student in America and the World, every Friend of America who is secretly making this Call to the Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, for that service rendered; and I thank those who have been instrumental in bringing about the use of the transcriptions over the radio, the Broadcasts of the Classwork, and that of the Beloved Messenger, your Beloved Lotus, before the Classes.

Beloved Friends of America, one day when you see what this means, then how grateful you will be that you have become a part of My Great Family.

I assure you, I am a very kindly Father with a Love so great that It lifts the Heart of mankind into that comprehension of the “Presence of Life”, and will one day bring your complete release.

You don’t know Me, but I know you and have known you for a long time.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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