understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, let Me remind you! Two thousand years ago the priesthood of the World, or of that small locality, nailed your Beloved Jesus to the cross. If He were to appear in the outer world, which He will later do, they would like to do the same thing again.

I want you to see definitely, it was those who claimed to be the religious authority of the World that nailed your Beloved Jesus to the cross.

When He came into the church in New York to the Blessed _______, he was condemned because he had seen Jesus, because he had heard Jesus talk to him. This time when Jesus comes forth, all humanity together will not nail Him to the cross! (Applause)

I say to you: unfortunate human beings who have denied Him, and My Reality, will find Me standing by His side! (Applause – audience rising)

I say to you of the outer world, you might just as well stop your criticism and condemnation, because you are wasting your time and energy. You will see that, perhaps too late; but don’t say to yourself or your fellow associates: “I did not know. It was too bad, but I did not understand.”

You are listening today and you do understand. (Applause)

So whatever you do in the future of criticism or condemnation, remember the results rest upon your own head, and very quickly. Therefore, I ask you not to do it. I am kind to you. Won’t you be as kind to Me.

I say to you who are listening with the desire to tear what I say to pieces, you are wasting your time. You are wasting your energy, and you will need it later, so have it conserved. (Applause)  Don’t think you frighten Me. Oh, long, long ago I stood beyond the fright of mankind.

Therefore I ask you, Friends of America, to realize today that you are standing in the greatest Activity that America has ever known. One day, Friends of America, you will understand what the mighty body of “I AM” Students has done for you, unbeknown because you had not touched this Work.

In the Mighty Decrees that they have sent forth, this holds the mighty revolving energy within the gas belts subject to the Direction of the Great Beings of Light and governed by Them. That would have blown some of your America to pieces many months ago.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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