understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it when I say to you, Beloved Friends of America, did you ever know any human beings on the face of this Earth that make the concentrated Call that the Messengers do in Their Classwork – “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, bring into our Class those whose Expansion of their Light enables them to accept this Mighty Understanding of Life, and keep out all others!” – did you ever in your Life hear of such a thing? I think not.

But that is because the Messengers know and understand that unless the Light in the individual has expanded enough, they cannot accept the great Truth of Life; but your Light, Beloved Friends of America, will listen to It.

Why are you listening?

You might think it was out of curiosity, but it is because the Light within your own Heart has expanded. And the thousands of people who did not know of this Broadcast, who have tuned in upon it today – what caused you to suddenly turn to your radio and turn it on to this station?

I want you to understand, friends of America, that the Power of Light in you is acting, that the Power of that same Light will lead you into the fullness of all Truth, the “Mighty I AM”; and thereby you will gain your freedom financially and every other way.

I say to you in your health demand today, in your financial need, you are the absolute decreer of what shall come into action. “Decree a thing and it shall be done unto you.”

I want you to understand that your Call is no longer a supplication. Your Call is a Decree, a Demand – a Command, if you please – to the Energy of Life to produce definite results for you. (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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