understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America, remember that when We are speaking of the Cosmic Light, the Cosmic Law, We are not speaking of the terms that the outer scientists use today in reference to the Cosmic Light and the Cosmic Law.

We are speaking about the Mighty Currents of Energy released from the Great Central Sun, which is a Focus of the Cosmic Light and Cosmic Law projected by the Great Groups of Ascended Beings Who are governing from that Center of the Activity to this System of Planets.

Therefore, We are not dealing with the accumulated Cosmic Light in the atmosphere, but a Cosmic Light and concentrated Activity that is projected by a Great, Wise Intelligence, which will produce certain results upon Earth and through mankind.

Notice what the Power of your Attention will do, as you come to understand what it means in connection with this Mighty Activity.

When your attention is upon this Great Cosmic Law, which is projected for the Blessing of yourself and the Earth and the Protection of America, then have you not entered into the Greatest Stream of Energy known to mankind, which will produce exact results in, through, for, and around you so long as your attention keeps going to that Source of it?

We as Ascended Beings, being the Vanguard of humanity, have gone through all the experiences that you go through, having attained by this identical Application.

Then are We not in a position to advise, to instruct, to help you to understand these Laws? Will you tell Me that there is any unascended human being who can know these Laws as We do, Who have passed through the physical experience and, by this Application, raised Ourselves into the Ascension – and are wholly Perfect Beings?

You will understand even in the intellect, Beloved Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, how this is certain. One who has passed through, attained the full Victory of Perfection, is the only One Who could be the Authority upon this Law of Life; and that is why I say to you, We are the only Authority that is, today.

When mankind have raised their consciousness, their feeling, into the position that We occupy today, then they too will know definitely – firsthand – these Truths which We have brought to you.

But you must prove Them for yourself. We had to; and We had, in the day of Our Attainment, conditions far more difficult than you have to contend with today. The conditions that We passed through then, were so much harder than you experience today!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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