understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Gentlemen and Friends of America, you are absolutely helpless before the forces of Life acting, until you understand this one simple thing.

Let Me repeat it again, Gentlemen and Friends of America. I want you to get this: There is not one destructive thing that can reach you or your world of action except you feed your Life Energy into it by the Power of your Attention.

When you attention is fixed upon a person, place, or condition, your Stream of Life Energy is feeding into that – has connected with it. Therefore – think of it – on your own Stream of Life comes back to you the quality upon which your attention is fixed.

Gentlemen, it is the most marvelous, magnificent thing. This simple Understanding will transform your world when you once understand it. Oh, not just with the intellect, but with your feeling and its governing power.

Therefore, you are in a position to hold Dominion in your world and allow the “Presence” and Power of your own Life to flood forth like a mighty river.

For as your attention goes to your Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, the Stream of Light and Energy flowing in and through your body would intensify from ten to fifty-fold more than It has ever flowed – and why?

Because the impelling Power of the Cosmic Light today is giving you such Assistance as never before in the history of the Earth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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