understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now right at this point let Me remind you that Rex in India, as you have read, revealed the treachery in the group of Students; and the Master, who was not ascended, almost resented for a moment the fact that Rex had revealed the treachery in his midst. Why?

Because that individual and the group back of him had thrown over those individuals that hypnotic spell through the feeling, and they were unaware of it. Rex, a wholly free individual coming in from the outside, was able to sense that, because that action had not taken hold of him.
That is what is going on everywhere.

You as Students – if you will call the “Presence” to hold that Invincible Tube of Light about you, nothing will come into your feeling world and act. Saint Germain God Presence Chart

That is what I want you to come to, because remember, you are the defense of the Light – not through agitation or anger or outer destruction, but by the Call to the Power of Light to hold that Tube of Light about you so that not a discordant thing can come in to get its forces over you in your feeling world – that is the thing!

Gentlemen, once you come to realize that, you will feel with a clearness that you never thought possible.

The Messenger knows it because He experiences it daily; and many of you are at the point where you can begin to receive that clearness which is astonishing at first, until you feel its great reality.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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