understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I am going to have to correct that vicious thing that occurred in Richmond, Virginia. That woman was seized upon by the vicious psychic forces, claiming the precipitation of that child; and the child was born in the hospital there two months ago.

It is no more a precipitated child than anything in the World. It is a scheme to try to do something unusual – all because she was seized upon by these psychic forces – and they are paying the penalty for it today. Now I must send a letter and send a Messenger into their midst to correct this thing.

Through the Messenger I told this woman in New York, and the Messenger showed her the treachery of the other woman that was pretending to do these things; still after that she went back and accepted this silly nonsense.

The doctor and his wife , who are really very good people, are being deceived by this woman. And she herself of course is being treacherously deceived by the psychic forces that have hold of her, doing the most outlandish things.

Watch out, Gentlemen! When these things start in your midst, stop them at once if the Messengers are away. Don’t let such things start in your midst. You don’t know as I do, having dealt with these human qualities for many centuries, how treacherous they are and how deceitful is this psychic thing which knows its day is done in the World.

I assure you, now that we have come to this point, in the future the first appearance of any kind of thing, I shall handle it right then so it does not start and gain a momentum of any kind.

I tell you, it seems incredible that even in the human such conditions exist; yet they do. Don’t be deceived, Gentlemen, I tell you; but continue to call individually for all deceit and treachery to be revealed.”

Saint Germain

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