understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have throughout all teaching heard and believed in the Christ Principle, have you not? Now, what is this which you have been talking about all through the centuries? An action of your own Life!

How and why is It the Christ Principle? Because It is that Energy of Life which is no longer contaminated by human qualification.

That is what the Christ Principle of Life is, and every human being can become the Christ when they cease using human qualification of discord.

Every one is a Christ Being because the Light within them that beats their Heart is God. It is Mighty Intelligence and Energy.

Therefore when you understand this, you will not feel the human sense of limitation that once upset you, and you will find that even in the simple words of calling to your own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, without further understanding, you will draw into your experience the greater Perfection of that Life which will cause you to know that you have touched the fountainhead of Life.

I want you to feel this. I want you to understand, Beloved Friends of America, that We are offering you, through the simplicity of this Understanding, your absolute Freedom.

And there is no human being that can interfere with it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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