understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Those who are attaining today have the proof of it. The Messengers have the proof of it. Everyone can have it who wants to; but if mankind allow human suggestions, human falsehood to turn them aside, then the fault is theirs. Then I cannot help them, and you can be sure I am not going to go around and hunt you up and get you by the hair to hold you in the comprehension.

But I am offering you, through the greatest Love that ever poured forth into mankind, that Freedom of Life, that true Understanding of Life which is absolutely mechanical in Its precision or action in, to, and through you.

Therefore, you are not dealing with uncertainties, I tell you.

You can apply this, and there is no proof in this World that amounts to anything except that which you prove to yourself!

So stand firm in the Glory of the “Presence of Life”, in Its fullness; stand there giving the full Power of Its Mighty Action, and let the Presence and Power of Life go forth and bring to you all that your Heart has craved – I tell you, a thousand times more than you could yet comprehend.

For as you go forth in the Expansion of this Light, in the Power of Life, you do not know today that which stands right in the periphery of your world, ready to come forth with dynamic power and give you that freedom, that happiness which you have craved so long.

I say to you, Beloved Ones, try it out! It cannot harm you.

Do you think for one moment that your Call to the “Presence of Life”, giving your attention to the “Presence of all Life”, could bring anything but good?

You know the Messengers have never poured forth anything but Kindness and Love in Its Mighty, Infinite Power. (Applause)

There is nothing controversial about this Work We offer – just the Loving Kindness and Power of Life in action, and We shall never do anything else.

Therefore, I want you to realize that you are dealing with the Power of Divine Love in turning your attention to the “Presence of Life” and the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Beings, and the Cosmic Light.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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