understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, understand this: You call in prayer to God and then constantly annul it by discord and viciousness in the feeling. You see how and why you have not had the results from your prayers! Prayer is a certain quality, but it is a supplication. A Decree is the Acknowledgement of the Power of God acting in you (Applause) – as different as daylight and darkness.

To know what you are doing and do it, is the Power of Life and the fulfillment of Its action. To supplicate means that you do not know what you are doing.

Therefore I say to you, Beloved Ones, the Scripture says: “Decree a thing and it shall be done unto you”; Call unto Me and I will answer you.” That is the action and Power of Light.

Friends of America, remember that your Beloved Jesus prefaced everything that He said and did in the World by the Words “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life.”

“‘I AM’ the Open Door which no man can shut” – and believe Me, Beloved Friends of America and fellow Students, that one Statement in itself is sufficient to set every human being on the face of this Earth free; for Jesus meant exactly what He said, and he knew what was in the Power of those Words when He said, “‘I AM’ the Open Door which no man can shut.”

That goes throughout Life; and ever since he spoke those Words two thousand years ago, It has been vibrating through the atmosphere of Earth. Now today mankind is coming to understand this Mighty Power that He gave forth.

Because the preachers of the World – in order to hold the power to themselves – convey to mankind the idea that Jesus was a special Being, and that no one could attain the Goal because He was a Special Being – that is the thing that has deprived mankind throughout the centuries.

Therefore, I say to you today, the Christ is a Principle. Jesus was the man, and Jesus became the fullness and the understanding of His “Mighty I AM Presence” – became the Jesus Christ of the World (Applause) because He became the full Activity, Power, and Principle of the Christ, which every man in the World can become today.

That is why, Beloved Friends of America, I want you to understand that everything Jesus was, everything every Ascended Being or Cosmic Being is , one day you shall be, you shall attain by the Understanding of this exact Knowledge.

Therefore, let no one turn you aside from this great Opportunity that is yours. I know because I have gone through every process in Life, from Its greatest limitations to the Freedom which I experience and have had for a long time now.

Therefore, in bringing forth and having the response which We have, We shall go on and on until everyone in America and the World has come to know their “Mighty I AM Presence”, their Source of Life, God Individualized.

Then mankind will enter into that great Freedom which every human being, in the Heart, knows is true.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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