understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is no power in the Universe but the Power of Light, and if the Messengers and Students are “idolatrous” in calling forth the Power of Light, then let us be more so. (Applause)

For I tell you, there is no power that mankind can use but the Power of Light, which contains all Energy, all Intelligence, all Power of Action!

Therefore, in calling forth these Mighty Light Rays into your own body, into your world of action by the Projection of Light Rays through your Higher Mental Body or by It, then you are complying, you are fulfilling the Great Law of Life in every detail.

Once you understand that, you will see how quickly, how readily and naturally you can set yourself free into all that your Heart has desired.

You do not realize how in every intense desire for good and Perfection that is acting from within you, outside of you is acting an opposing force. Let Me assure you that you have that same opposing force within your human body.

You have your intellect, which is the action of information gathered from the outer world, and you have your Heart sending forth Its Vibration, which is the Activity of the Presence of all Life, the “Mighty I AM”; and every one of you knows that sometimes you have had the argument going on from within yourself.

That was your intellect and your Heart. And the intellect, having gathered the substance of the outer world, most often overrules the power of the action of the Heart or the Intelligence released there, because the Power of Light will not oppose all this or override the human Free Will.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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