understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, Beloved Ones, the world of mankind is going forth into its Freedom. I say that with Authority! Only a few months ago, perhaps seven or eight, there was considerable question in My Mind yet, whether mankind was going to give sufficient response even with all that had been accomplished, because I saw the need of still more. But since the New York Class, I am coming into a very positive conviction that mankind will give response beyond My fondest Comprehension. (Applause)

I mean by that, I cannot tell you – even in My unlimited state – what the human qualities of mankind are going to do until they come to certain point of the Expansion of the Light within them.

Then I can begin to formulate more and more a definite idea of the dependability of that Light; for as you understand, We have nothing whatever to do with nor are We concerned with the human qualities. We know that those human qualities are undependable; but when We see the Expansion of the Light within the individual, then We know that Light is dependable.

You do not see that from the human sense, but We see It as clearly from the Higher Octaves as you see your physical self.

Therefore, in presenting to you these simple Truths today, you will see how it is easy for you to take hold and apply Them. We never intrude anything upon anyone, but We offer as a Free Gift of Love to mankind, this Mighty Truth of Life.

Those who care to, can study and apply It with definite, mechanical results.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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