understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Beloved Friends of America, understand all things. If you are interested in My Words, in the Blessings which I am sending forth to you, I request three things: first, that you give attention to the Presence of all Life, the “Mighty I AM” which I know is above you, Whose Stream of Light and Energy is beating your Heart.

Then call to that “Great Presence of Life” to formulate Its Invincible Tube of Light of Invincible Protection about you.

Then call the “Great Presence” above you to establish the Violet Consuming Flame under you feet, under your bed while you sleep, over the floor of your home, to disslove and consume all human discord that has been generated there.

The “Great Presence of Life” which is not limited will do this, will answer this Call; but you have not understood – I tell you, I know it from long centuries of experience – you have to make this Call!

You will never have more of Life than is at present flowing through into your world, unless you are making this Call. The great mass of mankind believed that God would do all things for them without human self-control or all those things.

Well, they just find that it is not done; otherwise, mankind would be perfect!

The fact is that mankind have prayed and prayed throughout the centuries, which is a very wonderful thing; but it has not produced the results they wanted, that they must have.

Therefore, something is missing.

I say to you the missing link, so to speak, has been your Call to the “Great Presence of Life” which We have come to know, and by which We as Ascended Beings – Who are just as real as you are, in fact more so – have set Ourselves free from all human limitations which you experience.

Therefore, today you are not dealing with something hazy or indefinite or a human concept. You are dealing with the Truth of Life in the Words I am speaking to you, because We have proven by Our Freedom from human limitations and having made the Ascension, that We are Beings wholly Free from the limitations of the human octave; yet We can move in Tangible Bodies among you the same as you do, and quite as tangible.

The outer world has not seen this yet, and I say to you, Beloved Friends of America, you are going to see it. (Applause) And to use your expression, “I don’t mean maybe.” (Applause)

Beloved Saint Germain

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