understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America, the trouble with mankind is in looking outside of themselves for the things that they need, for the adjustment of the conditions; and they will never find it there. When you want correction of anything, you have to go to the Source of Life in order to have it permanently.

You might apply certain human understanding to yourself and feel temporary results, but you all know in all your strenuous effort for adjustment of conditions and for a greater release into your world of use, you have only had temporary results at most.

There have been a few individuals who have come into embodiment this time with gathered energy that has sustained them almost throughout their Life, but they find all of a sudden that energy is gone, is used up, because they did not know how to replenish it. Now today, in the Understanding of your “Great Presence”, mankind needs more than ordinary energy.

The Messengers have proven to the World that They are able to call forth limitless energy; and more than five hundred thousand people see that and know that, and know that They do it.

Therefore, that privilege is for every one of mankind who will give the same earnest attention They have given to the Great Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, and let It pour Its Great Power, Intelligence, and Energy in greater volume through the physical form.

This is quite different than if you want to give assistance to someone, for in that you will find that you can call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which will release through the humblest person a Light Ray to assist a person, place, or condition.

But when it is in your own Life activity, your own Life Stream, it must come through your own intellect, your own feeling world, your own brain and body.

That is why as you give attention to the “Great Presence of Life”, you will find that this Stream of Light – as our wonderful Chart shows – Saint Germain God Presence Chartwill intensify, causing the Light within your body to expand, giving you the greatest freedom, the greatest joy, the greatest consciousness that you have touched the mainspring of Life which does release Its Infinite Power into action through your body and at your Call – through the projection of the Light Rays to whatever condition is required.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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