understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Up until this Understanding came forth, many of mankind were still living ninety percent of the suggestions of others about them, instead of their own world of action, but they did no know that.

Therefore, as you come to understand that and take your attention off the appearance world and give it back to the “Presence of Life”, you will have the Perfection of Life, the Intelligence flowing in and through your body with so much greater volume that you will be astonished at first to see that here, all through the centuries, has your own Life been flowing into your body.

Not knowing that It was the Individualized Focus of God and that you in the physical body are the outpost, you have not had this great Blessing that can come to you.

Therefore I say to you, any human being on the face of this Earth who is honest and sincere can prove this Law to himself, and no one can prove It wrong.

Therefore, you have entered into a very different understanding than ever in your Life. All kinds of understanding have required faith. This does not require faith.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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