understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tell Me, Beloved Ones of America and Beloved Minute Men, is there one anywhere that does not seek happiness? (Applause)

Now, there is a definite way of having happiness, because every Heart knows that it should be. Every person often in the intellect knows that it should be, but they have not understood that the discord acting within their feelings has prevented that happiness.

Therefore, the suggestions that fill the atmosphere of Earth – when individuals here, there, and in different parts of the World put forth vicious thoughts and words, causing vibration – interfere to some degree with people who do not understand, therefore interrupting them temporarily. But the one who puts forth those feelings must reap every particle of it.

Individuals need to understand today that they are moving in the atmosphere of Earth filled with suggestions of human discord.

Remember, friends of America, all that is but a temporary thing.

I want to say to you again today in bringing to your attention this seemingly vital point, that as you give attention to the “Presence”, as you give your Life energy back to Life to amplify and pour forth with greater power and intensity, you are giving attention to the Source of all that is on Earth.

When you give your attention to the human appearance world of its creation, you are giving attention to that which has only its limited power of the energy which it has drawn forth for the moment. It has no sustaining power.

Therefore, you are not subject to the distress and limitations of the appearance world.

It is so important that you understand this and know that when you withdraw your attention from the appearance world of limitations and discord and give it back to the Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, where it belongs – then the “Mighty I AM”, through the Higher Mental Body, will release through your world of action Its Infinite Power, Its Limitless Energy, Its Mighty, Directing Intelligence.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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