understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In coming into this Understanding, it is so important that you realize that all of this is natural, as practical as anything in the outer world of your mechanics today or your mathematics; and when you apply them according to the requirement you have come to understand, you get exact results. When you come into your home in the evening, you turn on the button of the electric light switch and you have light.

Today, giving your attention to your”Mighty I AM Presence” is just as practical as coming into your home and pushing the button and turning on the lights in your room.

Therefore, when you give attention to your “Presence”, you turn on the Infinite Power of Light – that means your Higher Mental Body, which rests above you, between you and your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

When you give attention to that “Presence”, your Higher Mental Body, being the conductor of that Mighty Energy and Life, is just the same Law acting; and you turn on the Infinite Power of Light, which is the release of the Light Rays directed by your Higher Mental Body into your body if necessary, or into your world of activity, producing definite, all-powerful, active Results – and notice when I say “active Results”, I mean just that.

It is not a thing imaginary, it is not a thing static; it is a Mighty, Active Power in your Life, producing exact mathematical results.

Therefore try to understand and realize, Beloved Friends of America, that in your search throughout the ages, the culmination of all that long, long search has arrived today in spite of all foolish human opinions to the contrary.

Those who read and study this Series of Books that I have brought forth, which gives the complete Law, find themselves entering into a new world – a world first of great peace and harmony; then they find the Answer to their Calls coming forth and the great, supreme courage rising from within them.

And this goes out into their world to act with definite precision and power. Then they find they are taking on an entirely new order: happiness which they have sought all their Life will come about through it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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