understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore in accepting and acknowledging this, you find you can call It forth without any limit whatsoever to act in your outer world.
It must flow through your body, so far as your individual world is concerned, in order to harmonize and keep your feeling world in a condition where you are no longer governed by discordant feeling.

The simplicity of this is the thing that mankind has overlooked throughout the centuries; but today, since I have brought this forth, mankind is coming to understand and feel definitely the Courage, Strength, and Power of Achievement that this Understanding brings.

Therefore, each one is feeling their authority, their ability, first to control themselves harmoniously – that means their feeling world – and then to project through feeling and thought into their world of action this Mighty, Harmonizing, Intelligent Power of the “Mighty I AM”, which contains within It everything that is required to bring Perfection into their outer world.

Now there is nothing unusual about it, but mankind have not understood a single thing about their own Life. They knew they were Life and that they were using It; but how, they never gave a thought.

Now today, you are coming to understand that Life means more than just a fragmentary part that mankind is using in the ordinary sustaining power of the human form.

Instead of using perhaps ten percent or less of the Great Intelligence, Power, and Energy which the “Great Presence” holds for you, you can, by earnest Adoration to that “Presence” and Call to It, release such a Power to flow through your body and out into your world of action, that everything that touches it will become harmonious –

therefore letting the full Perfection and Power of Life bring into your world of achievement, your fondest Heart’s desire through natural means and perfectly natural process.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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