understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Friends of America and Minute Men of America, behold and feel the Blessings that shall pour out to you today in bringing to you some Understanding of your own Life, which is your “Mighty I AM Presence” anchored within your Heart, feeding Its Life, Energy, and Intelligence into your human form.

Remember, Beloved Mankind, that in all mankind’s search through the ages, they have sought this identical Understanding.

Today We have brought It to you in clearness and simplicity so that even a child may understand and feel the Full Power that It is for them. And It will flow through them into their world of activity to bring Its Blessing and greater Perfection everywhere.

There is nothing mysterious about this; and in the former attempts at the Understanding, every conceivable angle was touched upon but the simple one – which is the Understanding of your own Life.

In all occult activities and metaphysical activities, there is a tendency to something mysterious. There is nothing mysterious about your Life! It is just feeding your Mighty Power into and through your body every moment; whether you are waking or sleeping matters not, still Life is acting.

You don’t think whether the organs of your body are functioning or not, unless something gets out of order; yet Life is directing every organ and activity of your body – the greatest laboratory, the greatest activity of chemistry that is known to man.

Yet you give no thought, no particular attention to it.

But behold what can be done when you will acknowledge and accept your own “Mighty I AM Presence” above you, knowing that It is the Individualized Focus of God whose Mighty Ray of Light and Energy is all that you have ever had, all you ever will have to use.

All the Intelligence, all the Power, all the Substance, all the Energy must come from this “Presence” because there is no place else for It to come from!

Therefore as you understand this, know that you are the outpost of the greatest Intelligence in the Universe, the greatest Power, the greatest Release of Energy, because you are the Focus of that Infinite Energy of Life.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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