understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you take for instance this unfortunate creature in your city that has opposed this Light and started such falsehoods. His Higher Mental Body wants him to do right, just the same as you. Therefore, it shows that energy was projected to him from a black magician activity, or he could not have had energy to exist this long.

The Higher Mental Body will not furnish energy any longer for a destructive purpose! Therefore, when some individuals think in this Understanding they can call the Power of the “Presence” to do destructive things, they are just fooling themselves – because they cannot do it.

The Higher Mental Body will not release energy for any destructive purpose. They do not understand that. They think they can use the Law against the Messengers, and it turns back upon themselves.

But the Truth of Life is that mankind’s feeling world, by their power of qualification, creates whatever quality is there, and it acts upon them.
Therefore, those who yield to destructive impulses are most unfortunate indeed because they are building and creating destructive activities that will one day sweep them out.

Now that is why, Gentlemen, I say to you in your Service to the Light, do not let destructive things get your attention and hold it. Do not let your attention rest upon each other by the mistakes that seem to be apparent there. If they seem to be, call the “Presence” into action! Take your human mind off and leave the rest to the “Presence”. Then you will hold such harmony among yourselves.

You, as Minute Men, please do not let one word of criticism go out to anyone of your Group, even though there seems to be a mistake. Either call the “Presence” into action silently, or slap him on the back and say, “God bless you and give you the Power and Courage of Full Dominion.”

That is the only way to restore Dominion to mankind.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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