understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the need of America today, as you call forth Divine Justice, you will be surprised with the intensity with which you are able to release those Decrees. How great will be the power and speed with which it acts through the mental and feeling world!

Remember, the distance from here to New York in your feeling world does not exist. That vibratory action, sent forth in the feeling world, goes with great power and speed in the intensity of your Decrees that send it forth.

Therefore, don’t let the human sense of it enter in when you are issuing these Decrees in the mental and feeling world, because who can judge outwardly how far-reaching, how great the speed with which They go forth?

Therefore in rendering this Service today, you have limitless power and energy; and in the mental and feeling world, even with yourself, there is no time nor space. I want you to feel that today because you must feel the Power and Speed of Action.

Thought has no time nor space, you know. You can think of New York or London instantly. Well, is there any time or space there? Well then, the feeling world acts even more instantaneously than the thought, because it acts before the thought has a chance. Therefore, you see how there is no time nor space to the feeling world.

Therefore when you issue these Decrees – suppose you were issuing them for the governmental officials – don’t you see how the Decrees would go, through the Speed and Power of Lightning, into the feeling world of those individuals to act there, to give the assistance, give them the right desire, and give them the strength to stand against injustice?

Then they would change because they wanted to. They would not change because someone argued or asked them to. When mankind has the desire from within, then that feeling becomes permanent!

When a person has a desire from within themselves, whether the Light has placed it there or it is from some other suggestion – still does the Power of Light act in the feeling world of the individual, because the feeling world of the Light pattern of the individual and the Higher Mental Body is established in every form, and acts in Divine Order and Divine Justice.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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