understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today as I am talking to you, I am giving you Tremendous Assistance; for there have been many Calls to the Messengers, and I am determined today to give you that Assistance and cut you free from these things you don’t want.

So if you will accept that, and if the thought or feeling recurs, say, “Oh, and no you don’t”, and go on about your business. And you will find, just like the mist before the morning Sun, all those things will dissolve and you begin to feel that freedom within you, that buoyancy, strength and courage!

Gentlemen, no one greater thing has been given to mankind than what the Beloved Nada gave to the Messengers: When you feel disturbing conditions, sex desires, and all that kind of thing, which in most cases is projected at you, draw in your diaphragm like that. Raise your diaphragm, and it is like you closed the door of your solar plexus.

You actually do, in that process; and you will find you shut out these feelings in the most amazing manner, because everything that is undesirable has to enter your body through this doorway, the solar plexus.

You think you receive it in the intellect. You don’t. All things enter through your feeling and have to come in here! It is a tremendous thing and therefore will give you the assistance to your outer victory and will make things more easily accomplished.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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