understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If We had not gone through all the experiences you have – oh, sometimes much worse – then you could say to us, possibly we did not understand; but I say to you We understand perfectly every feeling that passes through mankind because We have all experienced it! We all know what it means; and if you were to see Us in our present state of Perfection, you would marvel how We could have once gone through similar experiences to what you are going through, but such is the case.

Every human being has lived in physical bodies and has gone through similar experience to your own. Therefore We understand just exactly your position, just exactly your requirements; and We never have a thought or feeling of criticism or condemnation because of mankind’s mistakes. It is just a thing that has been and, ere long, will cease to be.

Therefore, have courage and strength in all that stands before you, and know the human creation has no power. The appearance of limitations or lack of anything has no power unless you feed your Life into it through your attention, to give it power. Don’t you see and know that limitations cannot be sustained unless your Life is feeding into them through your attention?

Now you can take your attention off! Suppose one thing in your Life, your attention, kept reverting back and back; and finally you would say: “Oh, shucks, why doesn’t this go? I have been doing this now for a long time.” Do you know that ten minutes’ more effort might give you the Victory?

You see, you cannot judge from the outer standpoint. But as long as you refuse, even though the recurrence of the thought and feeling continues – just say: “Oh, no you don’t! You have no power.”

Take that indifferent attitude. Don’t be concerned; then you will be free so much more quickly.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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