understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Call to dissolve the communistic activity – and all those Fascist and Nazi activities in Europe are just claws of communistic activity – all those things will disappear from the Earth if the Call from you in America is sent forth into the mental and feeling world, because the desire in mankind that the sinister activity of mankind has projected there, will disappear.

Naturally, that destructive force wants to hold its power; but it cannot do it in the face of the Light you call forth because the Light dissolves everything and there is no battle about it!

That is what you want to feel in your individual world.

As you call forth the Light into your feeling world, it just dissolves any undesirable thing that is there, and there is no struggle, Gentlemen. If you find a struggle, it is because you are humanly trying to do it, no doubt.

But if you will call the “Presence” into action and let the Light of the “Presence” flood your feeling world to expand the Light in your body, it will not be difficult to free yourself from anything that is undesirable – yet in the Expansion of that Light will come the confidence and dominion in your world through a natural process.

There is not anything unnatural about this. It is the Law of your Life, everyone’s Life. And that is why this Work is so practical.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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