understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today in your activity of the outer world, Gentlemen, with all the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, send forth these Decrees and, Gentlemen, do not go too fast. I mean, just fast enough to give your diction clearly and perfectly. Don’t drag it, but don’t go so fast that you cannot give your diction clearly; then you will get the greatest power.

It is just beyond the balance of the slow into the too rapid. You see? But you will catch the natural, right balance of that and it is powerful. Your Decrees today were marvelous.

Therefore, you can keep calling for Divine Justice and Divine Order in your government, in all official places; and I think it is very well to keep yourselves reminded of that Decree, as your Beloved Lotus has so often said, “Hold every official obedient to their oath of office!”

That will cause to go into the mental and feeling world the Power of Light, to make them feel the need of honor to their oath of office which will help and hold things steadier until the full Power of Light takes Its Action.

Now this is not interfering with any human being’s Free Will, but it is calling forth the right order and justice, which is the right of every human being on Earth.

In your Call to the “Presence” remember, Dear Ones, that your “Presence” is the Authority of all Life, and there is no other Authority in the Universe. Human beings are not authority.

Of course in having forgotten the “Presence”, there had to be certain requirements in the outer world to hold mankind in balance; but after all, the Full Authority in the Universe is your own “Mighty I AM Presence”!

As you call for Divine Order and Divine Justice to be established in the government and all official places, in your industries as you call for balance between capital and labor – Divine Justice there – then you will have set into action the Mightiest Law in the Universe to bring these things about.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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