understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now to show you how in hundreds of cases, because We have watched it to see the results upon mankind: We have seen men come together for a specific achievement and they were all harmonious and agreeable.

When they thought they had their papers signed and everything in perfect agreement for the forward movement of that, then as soon as the attention relaxed on that, it turned upon some immoral discussion – and the destructive powers rushed in. Before five days were over their heads, chaos reigned in their midst, and there was no agreement.

That is what is happening to mankind constantly, and blessed mankind have not understood and were at the mercy of those destructive forces.

Mark you, much is the generation and creation of mankind throughout the centuries, and all mankind to some degree are responsible for it – to the degree they have been inharmonious.

These are the Laws, Dear Hearts. They will set you Free if you will only study and apply Them. They cannot act for you without your Application, but They will produce powerful results – if you will apply It – and give you all confidence and, in the Power of your “Presence”, clear your world and set you Free in the Victory of your success!

I thank you, Gentlemen, for this opportunity to talk to your Hearts; and I call forth the Powers of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, through the Higher Mental Body of each one of you, to take command of those minds and bodies, to conserve that energy, give you the Power and Strength and Courage to stand in the Power of Light until you can call It forth and see Its marvelous effects in your world.

“Great Presence” of each one, through the Higher Mental Body take command of each one! Silence the human qualities and release Thy Limitless Energy; and restore Vitality, Strength, and Youth in the body, and Directing Intelligence. Hold their attention upon the constructive things; and send them forth like a rocket into success, which is Divine Order and Divine Justice for everyone of mankind.

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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