understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I say if you are seventy years old, if you would straighten your spine, turn to your “Presence”, and call forth that Mighty Energy and Vitality into your body, you could restore the youth and action you had at thirty. And I mean it!

Therefore, Gentlemen, I want you to know that from Our Octave of Life, every one of you who will be honest, sincere, earnest, and determined to the Power of Light of your own Heart, We will give you every Assistance that is possible for your Victory from today!

But you cannot afford to yield to the suggestions of the outer world in a single thing. If you do, you invite everything that has accumulated in human limitations to again enter your world.

I shall call most earnestly for the Strength and Courage and Power to act within your feeling world that does release the Power, Intelligence, and Energy from your own “Presence”, which will sustain you until you are conscious yourself of the Victory that you can have.

But remember, Gentlemen, don’t waste your energy and expect success. It cannot be done. You are not being deprived of anything, but everything Life holds is being added.

One five-minutes’ attention to the “Presence”, feeling those Mighty Currents of Energy charging in and giving you an enthusiasm and buoyancy of youth, is greater than a whole lifetime of sex gratification.

Therefore today, remember, Gentlemen, you are moving in the outer world of a seething vortex of that suggestion everywhere you move; and unless you are strong enough to stand firmly and repel it, you will accept it in your feelings when you don’t know it. And the first thing you know, that desire is beginning to act within.

As it gains momentum, the impelling force compels you to gratify it; then your energy is gone for an achievement that possibly stood just before you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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