understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Again the Messengers – because They know the Law of Life and live It – have held Harmony in Their Heart Center and have been able to expand this Light to Its present great number without a single outer assistance or advertising of the outer world. That shows you the Power of the “Presence”, and it is so in your business activity.

If you choose to focus your attention upon a definite activity in the business world, look neither right nor left, but keep calling the Powers of your “Presence” into action and keep yourselves harmonized, then the Power of Light and Intelligence will carry you into successful achievement.

But as long as you look to discordant feelings and gossip in the outer world, your feelings will be stirred up and you will never have achievement in anything. That is the condition of mankind today as they go forward.

Look in the crash of a few years ago: thousands of men having achieved great fortunes lost them overnight. Then what happened? They had the same intelligence; they had the same Life flowing through them – everything exactly the same as it was before the crash.

Then what happened? They accepted the human sense of failure, loss. Had they reversed that feeling and said to God – even if they did not know the “I AM” – said: “Almighty God, I achieved this once. I refuse acceptance of this appearance. I shall go forward and attain again”, the way would have opened and they would have attained more quickly than in the beginning, because they had the momentum gained.

That is where mankind stands today. The moment you admit failure in your feelings, that quality is compelled to act there; and it will rush out and repel everything from it. No matter how much apparent loss has been in your Life, don’t ever let your feelings once again admit it.

Say, “That apparently is gone; but the same Intelligence, Power, and Ability is right here that was before” – and that is true!

Mankind through mass suggestion have believed they have not the same vitality and energy because of the gathering years. They crumple up and say, “Well, I think it is no longer any use.” What a mistake, what a great mistake!

Of course, mankind have not known that they were connected with the Greatest Power in the Universe; but now you today who do know, can reverse all of these conditions.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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