understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say this kindly, because it is true. You take the other activities and beliefs of today: all are not like this – some are. In fact there are two extremes: those people who are absolute fanatics, and those who have become the most beautiful creatures by their understanding. Those who have become so viciously opposed to this Work for no reason in the World but they fear this Work is going to take their people from the churches – good heavens, Gentlemen, if their churches had what this has, It could not take people away.

The Messengers have never sought one of their people, but if the Light within the Hearts of those individuals draws them away from that into their Freedom, are the Messengers to be blamed or are We? It is the Law of Life acting, and if they could only see that!

As the Great Divine Director told them, if they don’t stop every force of viciousness, it will empty every church in the Land. That is no fault of the Messengers, but the feeling of the individuals in those institutions.

It is the same way with industries, or universities, and colleges. Wherever sufficient vicious discord reigns, it removes everything from its midst. I want you to understand it is those feelings within a body of people that repel and make it a failure.

You take any business today and let sufficient discord drive in, and it will fail in a few months – I don’t care how many million dollars are back of it – because Harmony is the Law of Life. And where It is maintained, there is nothing in the World that can prevent success in the midst of that Harmony.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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