understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Many times, in the quiet of your Hearts you have called out to God to know what in the world was the matter that you did not have the achievement that you knew was due you from your efforts.

Now today there is not one of you, there is not one of the Minute Men in America that cannot start right in this day – deliberately, mechanically, accurately – and begin to apply and pour forth the Power of his “Presence” into whatever his desire might be in the business activity or achievement, and bring it forth quickly into success that will satisfy anyone.

Now remember, I am speaking of your outer industrial activity today because I want you to feel you cannot all just let go of the requirements of the needs of mankind today, because there must be those who will call forth this Perfection into every phase of industry or the things of the world.

Mankind have not yet come to the point where they can do away with those things. There might be many of the Students who could, but not the rest of mankind.

And remember, you are only just a fragment of the vast population of mankind, but enough to hold that Mighty, Eternal Focus of the Light until this great Radiance spreads and draws thousands and thousands of mankind into this Understanding.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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